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work-in-franceWork in France: the best pathway to international work experience, to improve your French language skills and immerse yourself in French culture.

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France is probably one of the most exciting and most visited country in the world. It houses all the thing necessary to live a life in a «à la française» style: rich history, culture, great cuisine and much more. Through our Work in France programs, everybody can get a taste of all the uniqueness that France has to offer, whether you’re a student or not, have some or no experience and whether you want to intern or contribute to the environment.

Working Holiday in France

This program allows you to work in France in a linguistic, cultural and human experience program that offers you a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the field of tourism and hospitality, study and perfect your French language skills. You will receive first-hand exposure to everyday life in France, earn money while improving your French and learning about France, its culture and its people. Read more…

Language Tutor in France

bonjourThrough this program you have the opportunity of becoming a conversation tutor to a local family in France while sharing their everyday life. While living with a host family, you will tutor one or more family members in order to improve yours and their language skills through conversation exchange. The program is open to English, French, German or Spanish speakers. Read more…

Farm Work in France

farm-work-in-franceFarm work in France offers a unique hands-on, learning experience on a family farm  in the French countryside and a chance to work in exchange for room and board. Through this program you can discover everyday life of a farming family and help them in day-to-day work like fruit picking, selling products at the market, taking care of animals and maybe gain some experience in horseback-riding. Read more…

Eco Volunteer in France

volunteer smallThis program provides a unique work in France experience in a environmental volunteer setting through which you can will discover France’s rich flora and fauna. Projects are focused on preserving and protecting the biodiversity, caring for wildlife and making people aware of the importance of eco-friendliness. Read more…

Internship in France

program requirementsTake a paid internship in France and receive academic credit. This program is available to registered post-secondary students in a variety of fields. Minimum required commitment is 3 months. Improve your French skill with 4 weeks of language course and get ready for your internship. Read more…

Au Pair in France

au-pair-smallAn au pair is a young adult wishing to experience a new culture and lifestyle by sharing their time and helping hands with a family in a foreign country. An au pair provides childcare and light housekeeping in exchange for room and board. The au pair is meant to be treated as a family member. Read more…

Work in France Visas

Participants in these programs will require either EU nationality, a tourist visa waiver (permitted to enter the EU as a tourist for up to 90 days such as Canadians, Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Australians, Brazilians etc) or hold a valid Working Holiday permit.

Why work in France?

  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Improve French language skills
  • Contribute to the environment
  • Cultural immersion
  • Networking
  • Explore France

Program Requirements

  • 18 to 30 years old
  • Good health
  • Have basic level of French
  • Be an EU citizen, tourist or Working Holiday permit holder
  • Have travel insurance

How to apply…

If you’re interested in applying for one of the work in France programs or would like to get more information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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What We Promise…

Our coordinators have 99% success when placing candidates. This is achieved by careful screening and matching for the appropriate program. Once you are accepted to a work in France, you will receive additional information.


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