Wilderness Volunteer in Canada for Dutch students with Activity International

Australia, Asia, South America: probably already countries that are on your bucket list. But what do you think of Canada? The country you might know less about, but is definitely worth a visit! I will explain why you might want to consider becoming a Wilderness Volunteer in Canada…

Canada is the country where you can drive for a few hours without seeing anyone. A country that is almost as big as all countries in Europe and has 6 time zones. But also a country that is so beautiful with amazing regions each with their own charm. For nature lovers and outdoor fans: Canada is the place to be! Larger cities have an American character but outside that you only will find nature!

The country offers everything: bright green lakes, snowy mountain peaks and immense grasslands. But also beautiful coastlines, rivers and many forests. In those natural areas you can find a lot of wildlife: small and large birds, bears, elks, lynxes, wolves and marmots. There are seals, sea otters, humpback whales and orcas on the coast. Plenty of wild animals! So if you love nature and wildlife you are in the right place in Canada.

In addition, Canada offers the opportunity to improve your level of English, with also the possibility to improve your French as Canada is a bilingual country with a large francophone region. Good for your language development I would say! Furthermore, it is possible to combine work and travel in Canada without a working holiday permit! So if you’re up for adventure, want to meet new people and see new places then go to Canada!

The Wilderness Volunteer in Canada Program that Activity International and Latitude International Education offers, is an amazing opportunity for young people. With this adventurous program you will help in one of the many nature reserves in Western Canada, Central Canada or in the French-speaking region of Canada. You will work hands-on with wildlife or in a conservation area, meet other volunteers from Canada and around the world and have an unforgettable experience. Are you already enthusiastic?! Activity International provides more details and everything you need to know to make this adventure a reality!

And a final important note, in case you didn’t already know… Lonely Planet declared Canada the travel destination of 2017! So what do you think of Canada in 2018?!

wilderness volunteer canada