Why Study Abroad in Canada?

Each year nearly 300,000 international students choose to study abroad in Canada; here are four main reasons Canada is a top destination for international students.

World-class Education

Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages; English and French, and is specialized in language training. Each year hundreds and thousands of international students come to Canada to attend colleges and universities. Cstudy in Canadaanada’s excellent education system are recognized around the world and degree, diploma or certificates will be benefit for students’ career over the long term.

Canadian cities lead the world in highest standards of quality of life

Many of cities in Canada ranked in the most livable place on Earth. Canada leads in many areas like; education, health, economy and safety quality. Affordable tuition, safe communities, and universal health care system attract many immigrants and students to decide to come to Canada for their future.

Multicultural Society

Canada is culturally diverse and it is easy to find all different kinds of ethnic cultures. Canadian government has a policy to support and respect multiculturalism. This is one of reasons why many of international students find out that they feel welcomed in Canada, because Canadians tend to accept and respect the difference of culture better.

Variety: Natural beauty, many thriving industries

From the west coast to the maritimes, Canada has different sizes of cities all with beautiful nature and a variety of industries. In a big city; like Toronto and Vancouver, students can do internship programs in different fields such as business, IT or marketing on the other hand, in rural areas, students can gain agriculture experience with a farmstay in rural Canada or take a volunteer program in environmental conservation or community service.

Why do you want to study in Canada? Let us know in the comments below!


Why do you want to study in Canada? Let us know in the comments below!