Why do an Internship abroad?



A lot of young students or recent grads think about doing an internship abroad. Probably the most difficult decision, once you made up your mind to go ahead and do an internship abroad, is to pick a destination where to do it. You will find a lot of “pros list” that generally argument why an internship abroad a great experience. Here is our view of why you should take an internship abroad.

1. Learn new languages and improve your language skills

Many of you know that there are two official languages spoken in Canada; English and French. When you’re in Canada you have the opportunity to study and perfect one of them or even both. No matter if you’re good in English and no so much in French or vice versa, you have a win-win situation on your hand.

2. Opportunity to travel

Weekends often allow you to travel and explore your surroundings. Whether you’re doing your internship in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, there are numerous sights that you can see in the city itself, not to mention the surroundings. You can visit the Vancouver Aquarium, go up the CN Tower in Toronto or explore the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal.

3. Learn another culture first-hand

Cultural differences are not just differences in language, food and personal habits. It is way more than that. During your internship you will experience the Canadian culture and others as well, because Canada is very multicultural and also, just like you, other international students are completing their internships in Canada.

4. Learn and develop new skills

While you’re doing your internship in another country you are immersed in an entirely different cultural settings. An internship in Canada is no different. A completely different scene can be scary, at first. But if you look past that point, you will see the real benefits which are practicing what you’ve learned in a real-life situation and learning new and useful skills. This is an opportunity to discover what are your strengths and to tackle new challenges in an effective way.

5. Making friends

During your internship abroad you will not only meet Canadians and get familiar with their culture, but also meet other fellow internship colleagues with an entirely different cultural setting, who are as far from home.

6. Learn about yourself

Being immersed in a different culture will sure change your perspective on many things, including yourself. You will return home with new ideas and maybe even reconsider your own beliefs and values. Internships abroad often provide the interns to see their own culture through new eyes.

7. Expand your worldview

Because an internship abroad will allow you to be immersed in all sorts of cultures, you will return home with an informed and less biased perspective towards other cultures and people.

8. Break out of your academic routine

Internships abroad are like to be much unlike what you are used to in your home country. You can become familiar with a completely different approach which is maybe not offered back home. This is also a great opportunity to break out the monotony of the routine you follow day after day.

9. More employment opportunities

The world is becoming more globalized and countries are investing a lot of money abroad. Through an employer’s eyes, young adults who did an internship abroad are considered to be self-motivated, independent and able to manage diverse problems and situations better. The experience you gained during your internship abroad will for sure set you apart from the majority of other job applicants.

10. Increase the value of your resume or CV

While abroad you can take courses to master skill you didn’t have the chance back home. In addition, an internship in Canada will give your language skills an amazing boost and make having a second major easier than before your internship.