Volunteer in Canada Programs

Contribute to a greater cause and gain valuable experience as a volunteer in Canada

Everybody is looking for an opportunity to improve their lives through meaningful education and employment. The decisions and choices that you make today, will affect you forever. That’s why we’re offering you a unique chance to improve your knowledge by getting enrolled in our Study & Work Programs that are best suited for you, and will ensure that you meet your goal and make yourself more competitive for the job market. The programs provide industry certifications recognized by national and international associations in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management and more. Get valuable knowledge and unpaid co-op internship in your field of study.

student internship in Canada

City Volunteer in Canada

Volunteer in Canada program that provides great opportunity to complete a practical internship. Work with a registered Canadian charity in urban cities like Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal and gain valuable work experience. Read more…

wilderness volunteer

Wilderness Volunteer in Canada

Volunteer in Canada Program provides hands-on work placement where you get to volunteer with a registered charity in the wilderness, working on various wildlife or environment-related projects. Read more…

Volunteer in Canada Work Permit

Similar to taking an internship, being a volunteer in Canada also requires a work permit. Are you not eligible for a working holiday permit? Or perhaps all the permits for your country have been sold out? Volunteer in Canada work permits are available year round, without quotas and and are granted at the airport upon arrival to Canada. Volunteers will receive all the necessary documents for their work permit application before departure.

Apply 8 weeks in advance and start planning your volunteer in Canada experience today!

Why Volunteer in Canada?

Reasons to volunteer in Canada are many. Some people do it to get additional work experience, to perfect their language and communication skills, while others decide to volunteer so they could give something back and make a difference in the lives of others. No matter the reason, all volunteer placements in Canada are challenging and rewarding. Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should volunteer in Canada:

  • Contribute to projects focusing on social and environmental issues
  • Gain valuable experience working with other local and international volunteers
  • Experience the vibrant metropolitan lifestyle with the City Volunteer program
  • Get in touch with Canada’s diverse wildlife and stunning landscape with the Wilderness Volunteer program
  • Brush up on your English or French skills

Volunteer in Canada Program Requirements

Volunteering requires passion, adaptability and professionalism. The volunteer in Canada programs are ideal for anyone age 18+ with an intermediate level of English or French. Volunteers must be flexible and eager to learn while contributing to a greater cause. Volunteers have the option to work with social services, parks or cultural organizations in urban centres or, for the more adventurous, outdoorsy and physically fit, volunteers may choose placements with wildlife or environmental conservation projects providing an opportunity to get up close with Canada’s animal life and diverse landscape.