Volunteer in Canada with this unique internship program

volunteer in canada

What is the Volunteer Internship Program?

Volunteer in Canada with this unique full-time internship program providing professional experience at a registered Canadian charity. This Volunteer Internship Program provides young adults from around the world a chance to experience Canada while making a difference and gaining valuable work experience. 

Imagine developing marketing strategies for an environmental conservation group or assisting injured birds in rural Canada with a wildlife protection agency or fundraising for a local community project in the city! 

Participants are placed for 4 – 16 weeks at a federally registered charitable organization in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario or Quebec. Minimum placement is 4 weeks, maximum placement is 16 weeks with a C50 charity work permit. In most cases the work permit may be applied for at the port of entry.

What kind of volunteer placements are available?

There are two types of placements: city and wilderness. City placements are similar to internships; while wilderness placements are similar to farmstay, and include staff accommodation and meals (which city placements do not). Candidates will be placed to one of 3 different placement fields.

Community Services : Placements with public service organizations and advocacy organizations. Examples include: seniors’ centres, care centres for special needs individuals, some publicly owned tourist destinations, community outreach groups that help the poor and people with addictions. Candidates may work in marketing, administration, financial / fundraising services or provide hands-on work with clients and community.

Environmental Conservation : Placements with organizations doing environmental advocacy and hands on restoration work in the wilderness. Examples include: carbon offsetting societies, organizations that promote awareness of climate change, organizations working on restoring wetlands. Candidates may  work in professional placements such as marketing, administration or graphic / web design and in some cases hands-on work in the field depending on the organization.

Wildlife Protection : Placements with organizations focused on wildlife protection and restoration. Examples include: organizations helping injured and orphaned animals. These placements will take place in rural parts of Canada where you will be provided accommodation.

Why should I Volunteer in Canada?

  • contribute to the community and environment
  • build on your education and experience
  • improve your English or French language skills
  • meet new people
  • connect with the environment and local surroundings
  • gain beneficial charitable experience
  • experience Canadian culture and working environment
  • build a strong resume
  • make a difference

Where can I be a volunteer in Canada?

City placements are available in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Wilderness placements are available in BC interior & Rockies, and rural Vancouver island.

Source: Juhan Sonin

Source: Juhan Sonin

What are the requirements to register as a volunteer intern?

Candidates must speak English or French at an intermediate level or above and must be older than 19. Wilderness placement candidates must be physically fit as the work can be strenuous.

When can I start the Volunteer Internship Program?

Candidates should apply to be a volunteer in Canada at least 8 – 12 weeks in advance of departure and may start on any Monday.

How can I apply for Volunteer Internship Program program?

Apply online now for the Volunteer Internship Program in Canada!