Internship in France – Top 5 Reasons to do it

internship in france top 5 reasons to do it

A lot of university and college students have a specific requirement in order to graduate – complete an internship either in their home country or abroad. Taking an internship in France or any other country is a great way to ‘take a dip’ in the business world and prepare for what their future career will bring. They can get themselves familiar with the process, duties and tasks that they will perform when the leave the classroom and get their first job. Also, having any internship abroad is a great way to boost your CV and increase your chances of landing that dream job.

internship in france is the prefect way to practice your language skills and gaining international work experience

5 top reasons to take an internship in France

A large number of students decide to complete an internship abroad and that’s great. Completing an internship in your home country is also good, but an international internship is definitely a step up, especially if it’s in a culturally and historically diverse and colourful country such as France.

Better language proficiency through an internship in France

The first and foremost reason to take an internship in France is of course, the language. French is second only for the number of countries where the language has official status and La Francophonie is now larger that the Commonwealth (56 vs. 53 members). Also French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world and it’s taught in every country in the world. Imagine 100 million students and over 2 million teachers! So having high proficiency in a language such as French, and I don’t mean just on the basic conversation level, is pretty awesome and will certainly give you a competitive edge in the world of business.

Historical impact

France has been known for playing an important role in cuisine, fashion industry and cinema in the 1800s. Even today, France earned its reputation because of its famous cuisine, fashion industry and strong connection to high style fashion. Romance in France is not only emphasised on relationships, but also for food, wine and living well. So if you’re a hedonist, there’s probably no better place for you than France. Even better if you are a student of fashion or cuisine!

Cultural legacy

Just like fine wine and cuisine, you cannot ignore France for its contribution to art and if you are an art, literature or even history student you will most likely consider doing an internship in France at some point. Art is highly regarded in France and it’s probably most famous for the art collection in The Louvre where you can see the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. French are generally private, polite and a handshake is the most common form of greeting. Some even use a kiss on the cheek. If you do come across someone, expect the first one on your left cheek. That’s a ‘rule’, I guess.

Business practice

Paris, as the largest city in France is very dynamic. You can think of Paris as the center of all business activity, domestic or international. With its vibrant economy, urban landscape and multiculturalism, it will surely provide new insights into your future career and will teach you something new that you will be able to implement when you get back home. Of course, we cannot leave out Nice or Bordeaux, cities which are also very much alive and known for their tourist attractions and summer vacations (this if mainly for Nice) and wine industry (Bordeaux) which is ‘in business’ since the 8th century. These are perfect destinations for internships in tourism, hotel management or other service industries.


Your internship in France won’t be so exciting without a little of the ‘à la française’ lifestyle. Yes your main reason for interning in France may be professional improvement, but you should also dedicate some time to leisure and exploring. In France, there is an abundance of activities that you can do. You can roam the halls of The Louvre for days and not see every art piece, walk barefoot under the Eiffel Tower, read your favourite book on the shores of Seine, enjoy a nice afternoon on the beaches of Nice or take a day trip to explore Château de La Brède in Bordeaux.

As you can see, the benefits of having an internship in France are many. Some might chose this destination in order to grow professionally, while others to grow culturally. Either way, both will end up with a great experience, beautiful memories that they can share with their friend who will (without a single doubt) be looking at you with slight jealousy.

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