Canadian Tax Refund for Working Holidaymakers

Working in another country can be very exciting. Everything is new. The people, the culture, climate and so on. Canada, with its stunning wildlife, landscape, good quality of life and job opportunities is not exception. And let’s not forget the amazing maple syrup. Most people are so focused on all the cool stuff, that they simply forget that they’ll have to pay tax on their earnings. Some even find the entire procedure very daunting. the easiest way to get your Canadian tax refund

All about Canadian Tax Refund for Working Holidaymakers

If you’re coming to work in Canada, you will normally pay 15%-29% income tax on your wages but the good news is that you can apply for a tax refund at the end of the tax year. In Canada, the tax year runs from January 1st until December 31st and if you are working in Canada on a temporary basis you are legally required to file a tax refund by April 30th.

Now if you decide to do your tax refund on your own, you might get lost in the process. Different countries have different tax regulations and if you come from a country where you don’t pay your own income tax, you can find yourself in a tight spot where you don’t know what goes where and what should you do. Luckily there’s a good solution.

Download your Canadian work and travel guide here. is a global company specialized in helping thousands of people claim their tax refunds from Canada. If you find tax laws too complicated, the process and documents too tedious, this is the ‘go-to’ place. Their team has years of experience in tax returns so they know exactly how to maximize your Canadian return. You can use their fee no-obligation online calculator in order to check how much tax you can get back.

All you need to do is simply register and the system will start the entire process for you.

In order to file a tax refund, you will need a T4 document or commonly known as your cumulative payslip and of course your social insurance number which you can get from your employer or your visa sponsor. In case you get stuck, team will help you out.

If you’re due to a refund, it should take about 8 – 12 week to get it to you and if you’re still in Canada, you can contact them via phone on by email.

Download your guide to a working holiday in Canada now.

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