Why should I volunteer abroad?


Do you want to feel useful? Like you are making a difference in the world?  Do you want to travel, explore and feel like you are active and making a contribution to society? Maybe you should consider doing something that will allow you to travel and develop your character while leaving your impact on the world. One way to do this is to volunteer. 

Helping the ones that need it!

Can you imagine that feeling of fulfillment when you help someone who needs your help? When you go to bed extremely tired, but the smile on your face is still there. Well this feeling will accompany you if you decide to volunteer abroad. You will understand what it feels like when you change someone’s life for better. Or when you see gratitude in the eyes of an elderly person you’ve assisted or a homeless person you have connected with at a soup kitchen. Helping others and working as part of a volunteer team will help you become more compassionate and increase your self-worth.


Friendships that last a lifetime!

While volunteering abroad you will meet a lot of other people who are there for the same cause as you. All of them are there to help and leave their positive impact on the world; this could be through volunteering on an environmental project or with a wildlife protection agency, for example. This need to help make a difference in the world will bring you together and bond you in an unexpected way. Furthermore, among these people you may find your next travel buddy, friends to go out with, people from other countries with whom you will knit a lifetime of friendships!

Get out of your comfort zone

Volunteering abroad is an experience that will get you out of your comfort zone. This is because while volunteering you will face unknown challenges. But try forgetting your fears. Once you forget about them you will be able to face the challenges of another culture, new lifestyle and new situations. You will become more tolerant, build a strong character and become even more curious. This will help you get a whole new perspective of your life.

Learn a lot of new skills

While volunteering you will be able to learn a lot of skills that you never imagined you could. You will become a great problem solver. Your memory, speed, and way of thinking will also improve. Here you will learn a lot of new things that may be crucial for the career you will choose after your program is finished. And it’s not only about the career, it is also about the skills that will help you in your everyday life!

Volunteer and travel the world

Volunteering abroad is a life-changing experience from which the people you help and you will benefit the most. However, helping is not the only life-changing thing about volunteering. Traveling the world is another benefit you get from it. Once your volunteering is over you will have additional time to explore the country you are in. You will be amazed by the incredible nature that these places possess. Furthermore, once you start volunteering you won’t want to quit that fast. You will want to volunteer in another place and see another culture and another set of gratifying eyes.

Bottom line!

I really hope that these 5 reasons I listed above will encourage you to start volunteering abroad and leave a very significant impact on the world and yourself. Don’t just stand aside doing nothing – be the change in the world that you want to see!