Parks Volunteer Lake Louise Resort

A rare opportunity to work on preservation and conservation projects at Lake Louise Resort, in Banff National Park

Welcome to Lake Louise, a unique beauty in the heart of Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This program is an epic Canadian adventure and a one-in-a-lifetime Parks Canada volunteer opportunity.

parks Canada volunteer in Lake Louise
parks Canada volunteer in Lake Louise
parks Canada volunteer in Lake Louise
parks Canada volunteer in Lake Louise

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a UNESCO Heritage Site. International volunteers will occupy themselves with the conservation, preservation and beautification of the Lake Louise area in Banff National Park.

How did the Parks Canada volunteer program start?

This Parks Canada volunteer program at Lake Louise was created through collaboration between Lake Louise Ski Resort and Lake Louise Sports and Recreation Centre.

Lake Louise Ski Resort (LLSR) was the first in the Rockies to form an Environmental Management Department. This department oversees and reports on all ‘green’ projects. It combines cutting-edge water conservation, waste management and recycling systems and support staff on graduate level research. Aside from this, the Educational Services Department develops and monitors interpretive programs and guided hikes.

The volunteer duties vary greatly and depend on the needs of the partners, every day is a unique experience!

experience the stunning Lake Louise landscape in this parks Canada volunteer program

What is it like to be a part of a Parks Canada volunteer program?

Before you is a remarkable opportunity to experience the Canadian Rockies like never before. As an international volunteer, you get to: learn, do, celebrate with others, find personal inspiration, connect with nature, with the community and most of all contribute to the preservation and conservation of this unique site.

Volunteers that are part of this Parks Canada volunteer program participate in activities at Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Lake Louise Ski Resort and with local groups with community-based initiatives.

Training and Supervision

All volunteers that participate in this program, have 1 full day of training in Lake Louise upon arrival. Training includes introduction to the area, safety presentation and overview of various tasks they will do during their time with the parks Canada volunteer program. The Senior Manager takes lead in managing the volunteers and teams provide daily support and supervision during projects.

Work and free time

As a volunteer in the Parks Canada volunteer program you will work 5 days a week, from 9am to 5pm and have 2 days off. During your free time you can enjoy the beautiful town of Lake Louise and the surrounding areas (Banff is really close by the way). We also encourage all participants to take part in the community and explore the culture of Lake Louise, Field and Banff.

Transportation to Lake Louise

Arriving and departing Lake Louise is the responsibility of the volunteer. We recommend booking your flight to Calgary and taking a bus from the Calgary airport. As for your return, use one of the airport services from Lake Louise back to the airport in Calgary.

Bus from Calgary to Lake Louise & Lake Louise back to Calgary – Brewsters or Banff Airporter. There is also the option to take a Moose Travel Company bus tour from Vancouver to Banff.

parks Canada volunteer allows you to explore Lake Louise and Banff is your spare time and connect with the community and other volunteers

Parks Canada Volunteer Activities

Volunteers take part in activities in Lake Louise in Banff National Park, at the Lake Louise Ski Resort, and with local groups such as the Friends of Yoho and Kickinghorse Ski Club on Community based initiatives.

Projects include:

  • painting and staining,
  • reclamation using top soil or sod, seeding and fertilizing,
  • help with restoration projects including removal of invasive species, clean ups, native plantings
  • hand pruning maintenance of biking, hiking and cross country ski trails
  • planting small trees or shrubs
  • placement and maintenance of flower boxes
  • mountain clean up
  • invasive weed control
  • vegetation debris removal and hand pruning of small vegetation
  • basic trail condition updates
  • public safety work
  • volunteer assistance at special events
  • refurbishing of memorial benches and more

The volunteer duties depend on the needs of the partners, and every day is a unique experience!

There may be day trips to Banff Field Unit for collaborative projects with the Banff group.

lake hike parks volunteer canada

Where will I stay as a parks Canada volunteer?

Accommodation is provided by Lake Louise Ski Resort. All Parks Canada volunteers in this program are accommodated free of charge in Staff Housing at Charleston Residence, right in the town of Lake Louise.

Volunteers will share bed dorm-style rooms, with spacious and lockable storage in each room and will also have access to laundry facilities. Another key benefit of being together at the same location with other volunteers is team-building sharing information. All shops and services are within walking distance and there are occasional trips to Banff/Canmore where you can find bigger stores to purchase groceries. Use these opportunities to stock up.

All volunteers are responsible for purchasing their own food and preparing their own meals at the accommodation and can shop for groceries and other items in Lake Louise.

Volunteers that take part in the June or September sessions of the program will receive a bonus credit that they can use in many ski hill outlets and grocery stores.

parks Canada volunteer program requires joyful and enthusiastic people

Who is the ideal parks Canada volunteer?

The ideal candidate for this program should possess strong interpersonal, communications and problem solving skills. Furthermore, you should  have strong ability to work independently and as part of a team and be an enthusiastic person that stays positive in not so ideal circumstances. As a volunteer, you should have a desire to work hard, make a difference and be willing to remain flexible and positive through changing project work, locations and weather conditions.

Volunteers should be physically fit, have proper clothing and hiking gear (footwear that have tread suitable for trail hiking) and to be able to do some periodic heavy lifting and hiking mountain areas. For more details or questions about footwear or what to bring, make sure to contact us.

Volunteers can come on a tourist visa or on the Working Holiday permit.

start date parks volunteer Canada

When can I start my parks Canada volunteer experience?

This Parks Canada volunteer program is 4 weeks in length and available from June until September, with monthly starting dates. We strongly recommend that you apply at least 4 weeks before intended arrival. The start dates are as follows:

Check In
First Day
Last Day of WorkAccommodation
Check Out
Sun, Jun 14Mon, Jun 15Fri, Jul 10Sun, Jul 12
Sun, Jul 12Mon, Jul 13Fri, Aug 07Sun, Aug 09
Sun, Aug 09Mon, Aug 10Fri, Sep 04Sun, Sep 06
Sun, Sep 06Mon, Sep 07Fri, Oct 02Sun, Oct 04
weekend activities in parks Canada volunteer program

How can I apply for parks Canada volunteer program?

If you wish to receive information regarding this parks Canada volunteer program, please Contact us. For the registration, you must provide the following documents:

  • The registration form filled out and signed (registration form will be provided)
  • A resume (see the Canadian style resume/cv template in the registration form)
  • A motivation letter

Starting at $1299 CAD including accommodation. Limited places available. Contact Latitude for details or apply now.

The program fee includes a welcome package (volunteer handbook, articles on park wildlife, etc.), volunteer placement for 4 week in Lake Louise, 4 weeks of accommodation in shared housing (meals not included), support while on your project and emergency contact number.

working holiday permit for canada eligibility

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Hannah – National Parks Volunteer

“I really enjoyed the nature with all the mountains and the unique lakes. And besides that I loved it to spend time with people from all over the world and to form friendship with the other volunteers, which will last for a long time.” Hannah, 18, Germany

Participant – National Park Volunteer

“I learned a lot of things about nature, wildlife and myself . I loved all the hikes and also spending time to help Parks Canada. The grizzly bear research allowed me to improve my English during the survey. I strongly recommend this experience!” P., Switzerland

Natsumi – National Park Volunteer

“I had great time and good experience in Lake Louise. I learned about environment system, process, plants, animals etc. They became my new knowledge. Thank you so much.” Natsumi, Japan

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