Conservation Leadership Program Banff National Park

A unique opportunity to earn a Certificate in Conservation Leadership from Banff National Park

As a conservation volunteer in Banff, Canada you will be immersed in pristine nature and get to tackle complex environmental, social and economic challenges with a team of international volunteers. You will gain valuable environmental leadership skills while you’re at it!

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Volunteer Banff Canada Program Highlights

We’re facing new and more complex environmental, economic and social challenges which make conservation of nature and wildlife even more important. In order to protect the wilderness and wildlife, we need more leaders who can provide a good example, inspire others and launch and manage sustainable conservation projects / programs.

This volunteer program in Banff, Canada is designed to create new conservation leaders and inspire them to make an impact on the world, while giving other program participants a priceless lifetime experience.

During this ‘epic’ adventure, participants will have fun, challenge themselves mentally and physically, learn about current conversational challenges, obtain international work experience and gain insight into Canada’s conversational strategies.

Volunteer Banff Canada program description

What is it like to be a volunteer Banff Canada participant?

Banff National Park is an ideal setting for hands-on learning, having fund and giving back to Canada’s most popular and visited national park. Because of its popularity, Banff National Park experiences the impact of ‘overtourism’ measures to protect its unique ecosystem have to be taken. Volunteer Banff Canada participants will get involved in monitoring, measuring and mitigating the impact of over 4.3 million tourists on the delicate ecosystem and precious wildlife like grizzly bears, wolves and cougars.

Because of its uniqueness, Banff is the leader in ‘ecological integrity’ in the worlds. Participants in this program will get to experience and learn about this first-hand and also polish their observational skills, critical thinking, outdoor and leadership skills.

Work and free time

As a volunteer in the parks Canada volunteer program you will work 5 days a week (Wednesday to Sunday), approximately 40 hours per week and have 2-3 days off. During your free time you can enjoy the beautiful town of Lake Louise and the surrounding areas (which aren’t that far). We also encourage all participants to take part in the community and explore the culture of Lake Louise, Field and Banff.

Banff has a thriving young adult scene, and is a vibrant hub of arts, culture, entertainment, food, etc. You will be connected to other organizations and events that you can partake in at a discount or for free.

Transportation to Banff

Arriving and departing Banff is the responsibility of the volunteer. We recommend booking your flight to Calgary and taking a bus from the Calgary airport.

Bus from Calgary to Banff – Brewsters or Banff Airporter

volunteer Banff Canada activities

Volunteer Banff Canada Activities

Leadership Training

During the four weeks every volunteer group will have a group leader who will guide the participants through various leadership development stages such as:

Week 1 – Explore leadership theories, share areas of interest in conservation work and personal goals and generate project ideas

Week 2 – Connect, commit and start personal goals and project ideas

Week 3 – Put it all into practice and grow / broaden personal goals, conservation work and leadership skills

Week 4 – Creatively present to the group the results and the plan to continue

A big portion of the program is hiking, reporting on trail conditions, interacting with visitors, observe and report on park infractions, visitor impacts and wildlife sightings. Day trips to Yoho and Kootenay National Park as also possible.

Other volunteer activities may include:

  • patrolling day use areas and viewpoints,
  • maintaining wildlife fences
  • interacting with visitors
  • helping out with restoration projects (removal of invasive species, clean ups, native tree and shrub plantings)
  • assisting with special events, cultural heritage programming, indigenous ceremonies, social scienece and promotion through social media
volunteer Banff Canada accommodation

Where will I stay as a volunteer Banff Canada participant?

Accommodation at either Samesun Hostel or Hostel International Apline Centre is recommended.

Volunteers will share bed dorm-style rooms, with spacious and lockable storage in each room and will also have access to laundry facilities. Another key benefit of being together at the same location with other volunteers is team-building sharing information. The hostels are a short bus ride to downtown or you can borrow bikes from the volunteer program for the duration of your stay.

All volunteers are responsible for purchasing their own food and preparing their own meals at the accommodation and can shop for groceries and other items in Banff. Accommodation has two fully equipped kitchens, large dining areas and large common lounge with fireplace and Wi-Fi.

If you wish to find your own accommodation (that’s also an option) you could find other alternatives such as homestay or you can join Bow Valley Home Finder on Facebook and see if you can find a room to rent. However, keep in mind that if you book accommodation outside of Banff, you will need to commute to Banff daily and you’ll need to purchase a Roam buss pass.

volunteer Banff Canada eligibility

Who is the ideal volunteer Banff Canada candidate?

The ideal candidate for volunteer Banff Canada program should be open-minded, flexible and self-motivated. Must have good judgment and can be depended upon to work with public in a positive manner. Furthermore, you should  have strong ability to work independently and as part of a team, to have good observation skills, basic map-reading ability and intermediate hiking skills.

Volunteer Banff Canada participants should be physically fit, have an advanced level of English (after all communicating with international visitors will be quite common) and must fill out a medical form in order to disclose any pre-existing injuries or health issues.

For more details or questions about footwear or what to bring, make sure to contact us.

Volunteers can come on a tourist visa, as a visitor to Canada.

volunteer Banff Canada start dates

When can I start my volunteer Banff Canada experience?

The Volunteer Banff Canada program is available from May until August, with one starting date per month. We strongly recommend that you apply at least 4 weeks before intended arrival. The start dates are as follows:

Arrival Date / Check in at HostelFirst Full Day of Volunteer ProgramLast Full Day of Volunteer ProgramCheck out of Hostel
Tuesday May 19May 20June 14June 15
Tuesday June 16June 17July 12July 13
Tuesday July 14July 15August 9August 10
Tuesday August 11August 12September 6September 7
volunteer Banff Canada fees

How can I apply for volunteer Banff Canada pogram?

If you wish to receive information regarding the volunteer in Banff, Canada program, please Contact us. For the registration, you must provide the following documents:

  • The registration form filled out and signed (registration form will be provided)
  • A resume (see the Canadian style resume/cv template in the registration form)
  • A motivation letter

Prices for this program start at $999 CAD, not including accommodation. Accommodation is hostel-style, starting at $1620 CAD for 4 weeks including breakfast and wi-fi. Limited places are available. Contact Latitude for details or apply now.

The program fee includes a welcome package (volunteer handbook, articles on park wildlife, etc.), volunteer placement for 4 week in Banff National Park, support while on your project and emergency contact number.

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Hannah – National Parks Volunteer

“I really enjoyed the nature with all the mountains and the unique lakes. And besides that I loved it to spend time with people from all over the world and to form friendship with the other volunteers, which will last for a long time.” Hannah, 18, Germany

Participant – National Park Volunteer

“I learned a lot of things about nature, wildlife and myself . I loved all the hikes and also spending time to help Parks Canada. The grizzly bear research allowed me to improve my English during the survey. I strongly recommend this experience!” P., Switzerland

Natsumi – National Park Volunteer

“I had great time and good experience in Lake Louise. I learned about environment system, process, plants, animals etc. They became my new knowledge. Thank you so much.” Natsumi, Japan

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