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Language Tutor in France

language tutor in france

Language Tutor in France: Become a conversation friend to a local family and share their life.

Language Tutor in France offers you a unique learning-vacation experience where participants become conversation friends with a local family and share their everyday life while practicing their French language skills. The program is open to English, French, German or Spanish speakers.

Why be a language tutor in France?

This program is a unique cultural and learning experience that provides chances of practicing your French language skills in real life situations in exchange for your native language skills. Participants live with a host family and may tutor one or all family members and they will improve their language skills through conversation and exchange. The program is open to English, French, German or Spanish speakers.

What’s it like to be a language tutor in France?

Through this program the participants will be actively communicating with other members of the family, sharing and participating in their daily life as they live with a local host family. Participants may assist children with homework and will spend time talking with family members over meals and throughout the course of the day. The amount of time dedicated to conversation should be about 15 hours/week. It is also possible to spend one month with two different families in two different locations in France.

The language tutor in France program will greatly help the participants to improve their French skills and learn to express themselves better than before they arrived. This a true language exchange and immersion program.

In order to take part in the language tutor in France program the participant must:

  • Be minimum 21 years old;
  • Have English/French/German or Spanish as their mother tongue;
  • Have a good knowledge of French for communication;
  • Be a graduate or currently enrolled in Higher Education / University, in an education-related field;
  • Relevant experience is a bonus
  • Be an EU citizen or tourist permitted to enter and stay in France for 3 months (any nationality part of the visa waiver program)
  • Have appropriate travel insurance

How can I apply to be a language tutor in France?

You must apply 8 – 12 weeks in advance. Fees for this program vary depending on the duration of the placement.

Fees includes:

  • family search
  • screening and placement process
  • 3 meals per day with host family
  • private single room in family home
  • local assistance
  • administrative fees and various taxes
  • opportunity to learn and improve your French language skills
  • international experience as a tutor / teacher of English
  • complete immersion in a different culture and country
  • unforgettable lifetime experience

Not included:

  • flights to France
  • local transportation
  • meals eaten outside the home
  • travel medical insurance
  • personal spending money

If you wish to receive information and fees regarding the language tutor in France program, please Contact us.


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