IMPORTANT UPDATE | Stage coop international 2014 (International Internship Coop Permit)

This blog post contains important information about the visa application process for the International Internship Coop category (Stage coop international) for French nationals.

Yesterday, on November 14, 2014, the Canadian Embassy in Paris announced they will add 1200 permits to the internship category for 2014 valid for departure in 2015. If you are planning to take your internship in early 2015 then it is requested that you start the international internship coop permit application process by opening a Kompass account here; you will be placed on the waiting list. After your internship has been confirmed and you have your internship contract / offer letter, you will be able to complete the visa application process online before the end of the year. The processing time is still 8 weeks from the time the completed application is submitted.

Don’t have an internship offer yet? Latitude International can find you an internship in Canada related to your studies; we provide guaranteed professional internship for international students in Canada.

Note: You may register for a Kompass account even if you are taking your internship later in 2015 however the category for 2015 will reopen in January so you may complete the visa application process then.

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Latitude encourages you to open your Kompass account as soon as possible. It is also recommended to follow the Canadian Embassy in France on Twitter where important announcements about the International Experience Canada programs are made: @AmbCanFrance.

Good luck! Bon courage!

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