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farmstay in canada

What can I expect from a farmstay at an artisanal food processing farm?farmstay in canada

Experience rural life in beautiful Canada on a family farm. Latitude’s Farmstay Program is offered in conjunction with Experience Education and provides international visitors the opportunity to have a ‘natural’ Canadian experience.

This farmstay program provides the opportunity to work on a variety of family farms across the country. Here you find details about Artisanal Food Processing Farms in Canada.

Most family farms are mixed farms, with some vegetables, grains, and some animals. Families sell their food to neighbours, friends, and at the occasional public market. There are other farms though that are more specialized. These are artisanal farms. They grow vegetables or fruit, or raise animals and turn this into a single specialized product. For some that could mean miniature ornamental squash, or heirloom tomatoes, for others it is pumpkin hot sauce, others still – lamb jerky. These products are known throughout their region, and are often purchased by top chefs from nearby cities. These types of foods are the cornerstone of the local food movement. 

 All placements are unpaid & farmstay participants are required to work between 15 – 25 hours per week

Participants must register at least 6 weeks in advance

4 types of placement to choose from – all on family farms 

Duties: Farmstay participants who go to a farm specializing in an artisanal product will help with many typical farm duties, but will also learn how to make their craft product – whether that’s cheese, wool, or hot sauce.  They will help with harvesting fruits and vegetables, preparing products for processing and packaging which can include cutting, cleaning, cooking as well as the option to join the family at local markets selling the products. Candidates will participate in day-to-day life of the family farm and this may also include daily chores such as maintenance, cleaning, weeding and watering the plants and crops.

The majority of artisanal farms are located in British Columbia’s southwest coast and islands region, or in Quebec’s Western Townships region.

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Take a look at a typical farmstay accommodation in the video below.