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Farmstay Canada

Farmstay Canada

Farmstay Canada Program : Farm Work & Accommodation in BC, Alberta, Ontario, & Quebec

Experience Farm Life in Canada with a Canadian Farm Stay Program (Ranchstay in Canada)

Farmstay Canada Program offers a unique learning-vacation experience on a family farm  in the countryside of Canada and a chance to work in exchange Apply Now! for room & board. Few Canadians, let alone people from abroad, see the Canadian countryside and experience farm life. Farmstay Canada provides the candidates the opportunity to have a ‘natural’ Canadian experience in a family environment using English or French daily.

Farm Stay in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec?

The Program is perfect for adults with related work or experience and/or education. You can spend 2-4 weeks on a family farm helping out with day-to-day work, enjoy  the ‘natural’ side of Canada, see the countryside and experience what is farm life like. In this program, candidates are placed on farms in the wilderness of BC, Alberta, Ontario, or Quebec. The program is available year-round except December/January blackout period. Farmstay, like all experiential programs, gives travellers and international students an added opportunity to practice English in a real-life context.

What is like to take part in Farmstay Canada Program?

Farmstay Canada program offers a unique learning-vacation experience on a family farm in the countryside of Canada and a chance to work in exchange for room & board. The minimum stay is 2 weeks and maximum is 4 weeks with a visitor’s visa. Candidates are placed in family farms or so-called “hobby” farms. Candidates get to see the outdoors, get up close and personal with animals, try Canadian food (fresh out of the ground) and practice their English and French skill in a real-life context.

What are the requirement for Farmstay Canada?

  • Age: 19 and above
  • Physically able to perform farm work (may include being able to lift 20kg)
  • No animal, wild grass or pollen allergies
  • English or French at lower intermediate level or above
  • NB: Student who wish to work with horses or machinery need to have previous experience

Farmstay Canada Program requires only a tourist visa, if the provided placement is 4 weeks or less.  In case the candidate wishes to extend their farmstay experience or if the work is expected to last more than 4 weeks, a work permit needs is required, such as a Working Holiday Permit.

Tourists and international students may do a farmstay program with a visitor’s permit, provided the placement is 4 weeks or under. From Canada’s FW1 ‘Foreign Worker Manual’:

There may be other types of unpaid short-term work where the work is really incidental to the main reason that a person is visiting Canada and is not a competitive activity, even though non- monetary valuable consideration is received. For instance, if a tourist wishes to stay on a family farm and work part time just for room and board for a short period (i.e., one to four weeks), this person would not be considered a worker. Work on a farm that is expected to extend beyond four weeks would require a work permit.

What are my placement options in the Farmstay Canada Program?

The Farmstay program offers four types of placements options:

  • Agriculture – Farms where vegetables are grown and livestock is kept such as sheep, cows, pigs and goats.
  • Arts/Crafts/Artisanal Food Processing – Farms that produce small handcrafts and quantities of cheese and food such as jams and spreads.
  • Horticulture – Farms where fruit and/or vegetables are grown
  • Poultry – Most often include farms where chicken, geese, ducks and turkeys are kept

Types of duties a farmstay candidate will have will depend on the sort of farm at which they are placed, the month they arrive, and any special requests. Farmstay duties may include:

  • Gardening
  • Harvesting
  • Fruit-Picking
  • Caring/Feeding for Animals
  • Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Household accommodation duties

NB: Every farmstay placement experience is labour-intensive & requires the student to be physically fit & active.


How can I apply for Farmstay Canada?

If you wish to receive information regarding the Farmstay Program fees, please Contact us.

This fee includes registration and placement on a hobby farm or family farm in Canada, accommodation, meals, arrival & transportation information and a
certificate of participation. The same fee applies for all farmstay programs with the duration of 2 – 4 weeks.

Our standard refund policy applies for farmstay candidates. Students withdrawing before being matched with a farmstay family will receive a refund less $300 administrative fee. Once matched, no refund is available.

Ready? Apply now for the Farmstay Canada Program!

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