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Farm Work in France


Farm Work in France: work on a French farm in exchange for accommodation and meals

Apply Now!This Farm Work in France program offers a unique learning-vacation experience on a family farm in the French countryside and a chance to work in exchange for accommodation and meals while improving French language skills.

Farm work in France?

This farm work in France program offers a unique opportunity to experience life on a family farm in the French countryside while improving your French language skills. In exchange for meals and accommodation, participants will help out on a family farm with day-to-day work and farm chores while experiencing the rural French way of life. This program is available April – October every year. Farm work in France is an experiential program that gives travellers an added opportunity to be immersed in a different culture and practice language skills in real-life context.

What’s it like to take part in the farm work in France program?

The farm work in France program allows you to discover everyday life of a farming family in the French countryside. Through this program you will be improving your French language skills, discover the rural French way of life and work in exchange for meals and accommodation. Work that each participant does varies and may involve fruit-picking, caring for animals and grape harvesting in addition to daily chores on the farm property. On some farms you may also be selling produce at the local market which will definitely have a huge impact on your French conversation skills!

In case you’re keen on working with horses, ponies or donkeys, there even might be a possibility to stay on a ranch where aside from the regular farm work you would also be taking care of animals. Horseback-riding cannot be guaranteed but it’s likely you will gain a lot of experience.

Who is eligible for the farm wok in France?

In order to participate in the farm work in France program the candidate must:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old
  • Have basic knowledge of French
  • Be motivated and in good health
  • Love nature and countryside
  • Have travel insurance
  • Be an European citizen or be able to get a Working Holiday visa

How can I apply for farm work in France?

If you wish to receive information regarding the farm work in France program, please contact us.

This fee includes farmstay family search, screening and placement process, accommodation and meals as described, local assistance, administrative fees and various taxes. Fees vary depending on the duration of the placement.

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