Externship in Canada

Explore your career interests with an Externship in Canada

The Externship in Canada program provides the opportunity for young students to discover a profession through job-shadowing and observation. Get a preview of your future career with this unique program.

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What is an Externship in Canada?

An Externship in Canada is a career discovery tool that provides young students a chance to dive into their chosen career in order to learn and discover what the future holds for them in that particular occupation. Unlike internships, this program in Canada program involves mostly completing observation tasks and students take part in the work tasks at their host company in a limited capacity.

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What is it like to take part in an Externship in Canada program?

During their program in Canada, students spend 2 – 4 weeks at a host company, paired with a professional in their desired career field. Unlike internship placements, this program provides placements from a few days up to 4 weeks. This program is open for student at a language school, career college or high school. Key points of this program are as follows:

  • unpaid work experience
  • placements available in all fields
  • made up of observation and collaboration tasks
  • duration of 2-4 weeks
  • placements can be full or part-time
  • no visa is required, and exempt from ESA/LSA practicum restrictions
  • program open to language school, high school and career college students

Language students coming to Canada have a strong desire to test their English or French skills and see if they can perform in the ‘real world’. With this program, language students have access to a broader range of work fields, and can get real experience, in a real Canadian work environment.

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Externship Requirements

The Externship in Canada program was designed for students that study English / French at a Canadian language school, or study at a business school or career college in Canada.  These students have access to a broader range of work fields, and can get real experience, in a real Canadian work environment. Because of this, those who don’t yet study in Canada can apply for a 4 weeks language program (English / French) followed by a 2 week externship placement.

The Externship program does not require a special visa or study permit and can be taken as tourist combined with a short English or French language program. Contact us to apply for a language program + externship in Canada.

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Placement Options 

Externship in Canada offers wide range of placements options:

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Architecture
  • Arts & Culture
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Construction Management
  • Education
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Causes
  • Events Planning
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Finance
  • General Office Administration
  • Graphic Design
  • Green Technology
  • Hotels
  • Human Resources
  • International Trade
  • Law & Legal Services
  • Marketing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Media
  • Network Administration
  • Politics & Advocacy
  • Real Estate
  • Software Engineering
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Web & Mobile Applications Development
  • Web Design
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How to apply for the Externship in Canada Program?

In order to receive further information about the Externship in Canada program fees, make sure to contact us. It’s important to note that in order to take part in this program you should get in touch and apply for the program at least 6 weeks before your desired start date!

Faith – Internship

“Coming to Vancouver has really been a learning experience. I saw myself mature in ways I thought I had been. Learning from the pros and seeing the difference between learning at university and mentoring/ learning at work. The ability to stand my own and explore this great city. Since coming here I have found my confidence and passion of product design. Whether it’s from presenting or talking to clients I know I saw myself improve. Thank you, Canada.” – Faith, United Kingdom

Shiny – Internship

“I have had a great experience coming to Vancouver. Within the 2 months I have gained so much experience in life and at the workplace. I see myself being more independent and confident, which was one of my main goals. I’m so happy I found Latitude, they worked so hard to make sure I get an internship.” – Shiny, United Kingdom

Alex – Internship

“As part of my International Business Management studies, I was required to complete an internship so I decided to go to Toronto as I have family there. I learned a lot about the marketing industry and about Canada as well. I have benefited a lot from the work and from the cultural experience during my stay in Canada.” – Alex, United Kingdom

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