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Eco Volunteer in France

eco volunteer in france

Eco Volunteer in France: Experience an eco-friendly life and discover diverse flora and fauna as an environmental volunteer in France

Apply Now!The Eco Volunteer in France program provides the opportunity to live an eco friendly experience with a team of volunteers. Work on various projects and discover the rich and diverse wilderness of France.

Why Eco Volunteer in France?

The Eco Volunteer in France program offers a unique opportunity to experience an eco friendly life while volunteering on various environmental projects. The program’s focus is on caring for endangered or injured species, restoring and protecting natural resources and raising awareness of the importance of eco-friendliness. Projects focus on environmental conservation and safeguarding biodiversity. Accommodation is included.

What’s it like to take part in Eco Volunteer in France program?

Taking part in the Eco Volunteer in France program requires commitment and teamwork. Participants will be working on various projects in small or large teams. Each project deals with various form of environmental protection or safeguarding the France’s flora and fauna. Volunteers will be taking care of endangered or injured animals, especially wild birds, building gates or fences on natural reserves and restoring natural sites.

Through the Eco Volunteer in France program, volunteers will expand their knowledge on environmental issues, raise awareness and promoting various causes. Placements can be physically demanding and most of the time occur in rural areas, although some bird centres can be in urban areas.  Event though volunteering can be challenging, there will be plenty of time to relax or discover the area with other volunteers. During the placement, volunteers will be accommodate in bungalows, mobile homes or host families.

Who is eligible for the Eco Volunteer in France?

In order to participate in this program the candidate must:

  • Be between 18 and 30 years old
  • Have basic knowledge of French
  • Be motivated and in good health
  • Love nature and countryside
  • Have travel insurance
  • Be an EU citizen or tourist permitted to enter and stay in France for 3 months (any nationality part of the visa waiver program)

How can I apply for Eco Volunteer in France?

If you wish to apply for this program program, please contact us.

This fee includes: return transfer, screening and placement process, accommodation, local assistance, administrative fees and various taxes. Fees vary depending on the duration of the placement. Meals are not included but can be prepared on site. Sharing meals and food between volunteers is customary.

Accommodation is often arranged in bungalows, mobile homes and host families.

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