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IEC 2019 Application Process – International Experience Canada

A few years now, Canada has been using the new system of selecting candidates for its IEC program. We’ve explained the new system (established for the 2016 season) in this blog posts. For 2019, that entire system is getting a slight redesign and update and now will

Volunteer in Canada – Make a difference to the world

volunteer in canada

There are many reasons why someone would choose to volunteer in Canada. Some would like to spend time in one of the most exciting and livable countries in the world. Others, choose to volunteer in Canada in order to practice their English / French language skills in

Wilderness Volunteer in Canada for Dutch students with Activity International

Australia, Asia, South America: probably already countries that are on your bucket list. But what do you think of Canada? The country you might know less about, but is definitely worth a visit! I will explain why you might want to consider becoming a Wilderness Volunteer in

Why should I volunteer abroad?


Do you want to feel useful? Like you are making a difference in the world?  Do you want to travel, explore and feel like you are active and making a contribution to society? Maybe you should consider doing something that will allow you to travel and develop your

Know Your Opportunities – Advantages of a Working Holiday

Working Holiday

Are you younger than 35? Maybe you just finished school and you are wondering what to do before getting a real job or continuing your studies. Well, you can stop worrying now about your next move should because I may have the perfect solution for you – a

Canadian Tax Refund for Working Holidaymakers

Working in another country can be very exciting. Everything is new. The people, the culture, climate and so on. Canada, with its stunning wildlife, landscape, good quality of life and job opportunities is not exception. And let’s not forget the amazing maple syrup. Most people are so

IEC 2016 Application Process: International Experience Canada

IEC 2016

As of November 21, 2015 Citizenship and Immigration Canada has introduced a new application system for individuals taking part in the 2016 International Experience Canada program in order to travel and work in Canada. Find all the updates for IEC 2016 below. Unlike last year when candidates got

Provincial & National Parks Volunteer in Canada

volunteer in canada

Discover Beautiful, Natural Canada as a Volunteer at a Provincial or National Park March 10, 2015 Participants in the Wilderness Volunteer Program are sometimes placed in a national or provincial park, in the pristine Canadian wilderness. Far from any major city, and face to face with nature, volunteers will

Farmstay in Canada – Artisanal Food Processing Farms

farmstay in canada

What can I expect from a farmstay at an artisanal food processing farm? Experience rural life in beautiful Canada on a family farm. Latitude’s Farmstay Program is offered in conjunction with Experience Education and provides international visitors the opportunity to have a ‘natural’ Canadian experience. This farmstay program provides

Express Entry to Canada: Web Conference (Paris)

express entry to canada

Are you thinking about immigrating to Canada? Watch the web conference below for details about Express Entry to Canada. Today, February 19, 2015, the Canadian Embassy in Paris hosted a web conference regarding Express Entry to Canada. Many candidates watched with the hopes of some news or

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