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Anna Tells All: Hot Media Internship in Vancouver

Anna, from Russia, talks about her editorial / media internship at a Vancouver entertainment magazine. Here’s what she had to say, “I improved my communication and not only my soft skills but also my technical skills.” “Vancouver lifestyle is awesome, it’s like no other lifestyle in the

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Oh no! I’ve reached a language learning plateau!

Recently one of my clients confessed that she didn’t feel she was progressing as quickly learning French as she had hoped and expected.  This is a common problem for language learners all over the world and there are several tips to help go beyond this language learning

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Work in Canada Programs for Europeans

2012 International Experience Canada Quotas For Europeans It’s the time of year that the Canadian government announces the quotas for working holiday and international internship program visas. This year, young adults from all over the world, particularly Europeans, plan to take a gap year abroad in Canada

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