5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Working Holiday

Have you ever dreamed about living abroad? Do you want to break out of your routine to travel & work at the same time? A Working Holiday visa can help make this happen.

Here are 5 reasons why you should take a working holiday this year. It is easy to start and you can plan to go right now!

What is working holiday?

“A working holiday visa is a residence permit which allows travellers to undertake employment (and sometimes study) in the country issuing the visa for the purpose of supplementing their travel funds.” -wikipedia; working holiday

working holiday permit

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1. Learn a new language and culture

International work experience, gives you a better understanding of a culture and it’s people. Also, if you travel and work in a country with a different language, you will be surrounded by newwords, signs, slang and friends. If you need to work, you gotta learn!

2. Boost your résumé with valuable experience

Consider advancing your career with an internship abroad or continuing your career in another country. No matter what kind of job you take during your working holiday, your future employer will recognize your international work experience, cultural understanding and willingness to take risks.

3. Travel longer…up to a year!

Depending on where you are traveling, a Working Holiday visa will allow you live and work in a country up to a year. You will definitely have longer period of time to explore the country than what any travel visa will give you.

Did you know that Canada has reciprocal working holiday agreements with 32 countries but less than 18,000 young Canadians took part in 2012 versus nearly 60,000 young internationals who came to Canada? C’mon, Canadians … let’s explore!

4. Gain life-changing experience

Living abroad will push your boundaries and force you to know yourself in ways you didn’t expect. You will find challenges, and solutions and learn many new things. A Working Holiday will help you realize your full potential on a personal and professional level.

5. Meet more people everywhere

When you travel on a working holiday permit, you will meet many new people; friends from hostels or a tour, work colleagues or host families and many other working holidaymakers just like you. You will make lifelong friends and expand your network.

Let’s go! On y va!

International Experience Canada includes Working Holiday, Internship and Young Professional permits in 32 different countries. These visas provide endless opportunities for young Canadians and Europeans between ages 18 – 30 (or 35) to live and work abroad.

If you are interested in taking a Working Holiday or internship abroad, contact us. Latitude International provides only the best hand-picked working holiday, internship and study abroad programs in Europe and Canada. Imagine an taking internship in Germany or working as an au pair in the UK, or participating in a farmstay in Canada. Living and working abroad is easier than you think!