IEC 2016 Application Process: International Experience Canada

IEC 2016

As of November 21, 2015 Citizenship and Immigration Canada has introduced a new application system for individuals taking part in the 2016 International Experience Canada program in order to travel and work in Canada. Find all the updates for IEC 2016 below.

IEC 2016

Unlike last year when candidates got their spot based on whoever came first, this year candidates who are eligible will be placed in pool(s) and will be invited to apply for a Working Holiday or International Coop Permit. Invitations will be sent out regularly throughout the round as long as there are spots available for that particular country. Below you will find a short overview on the new IEC application process for 2016.

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The first step is for you to become a candidate meaning that you need to get yourself into one (or more than one) of the pools.

Determine your eligibility for IEC 2016

First you would need to determine if you are eligible to even apply for an IEC permit, because some countries and nationals may not be eligible. There is an online tool called ‘Come to Canada’ that will guide you through a short questionnaire and based on that you will see if you are eligible to take part in an IEC pool. If you are eligible, at the end of the questionnaire you will receive a ‘personal reference code’ which you will use later when creating your profile in the next step. Eligibility criteria is different for every nationality so you might what to check out your’s here.

Submit your MyCIC profile

Once you have completed your Come to Canada questionnaire and you are deemed to be eligible, you will be redirected to create and submit your MyCIC profile for IEC 2016. At this stage, there are no fees for you to pay, you only need to create a MyCIC account OR log into one if you already have it.

Pools and notifications

Okay, so you have created your MyCIC account and submitted your IEC Profile. Now you will be placed in a pool with all the other candidates who also took the same steps as you and are interested in the same permits as you are (Working Holiday, International Coop or Young Professionals). Invitations to Apply (ITA) will be issued by CIC regularly in rounds to candidates in pools. You will be able to check the start/end of each invite round once it is announced on the CIC website.

Invitation to Apply and application

If you have been invited to apply for a work permit you will see a notification in our MyCIC account. The message, issued by CIC, will contain all the necessary information such as your category, what documents are required and what are your next steps. Please note that you will have 10 days to accept your invitation to apply or it will expire. Once you accept the invite, you will have additional 20 days to apply for the work permit and submit your documents. Make sure that you have all your documents ahead of time so you don’t get confused and lost in the rush.

All IEC 2016 applicants need to pay a $150 CAD fee and candidates who are applying for a Working Holiday Permit need to pay additional $100 CAD for an ‘open work permit’. In case you’re a candidate for the International Coop or Young Professional Permit, you need only to pay the $150 CAD fee and to make sure that your employer has paid a $230 CAD compliance fee and that he or she has submitted your employment offer to CIC. This comes prior to your application for the work permit. In order to accept the invitation and start your application process:

  • Go your MyCIC profile (section ‘Applications’)
  • Find the appropriate application (it will be called ‘Work Permit)
  • Click ‘Start Application’

Processing and Point of Entry Letter

Once CIC receives your work permit application they will start processing it. Keep in mind that this process takes about 8 weeks (2 months). In case your application gets rejected you will be informed of this and receive a letter of explanation as to why was your application refused. On the other hand, if your application was accepted you will receive a Port of Entry (POE) Letter of Introduction. When you submit your work permit application along with all the necessary documents, your application will be processed.

Other useful information for IEC 2016

We mentioned before that you may want to get some of your document ahead of time. This is because some of them may take some time and you wouldn’t want to breach the deadline just because you didn’t have your paperwork ready.

Police certificate is something that you will most likely need. Since in some countries it takes a long time to get this document, it will be advisable to get yours before you get invited to apply for a work permit. In case you don’t get the certificate before your deadline is up, you can submit a receipt as proof that you requested a police certificate. Of course this means that you will have to provide a police certificate later when the CIC officer requests it.

If you’re a citizen of Belgium, France, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Spain or Switzerland you don’t need to submit a police certificate however you will need to provide a police certificate from other countries if you lived there for more than 6 months.

Medical exam is also something that you might want to get ahead of time especially if the work that you’ll be doing in Canada requires you to be in good health. Just like with the police certificate, in case you are unable to submit a medical certificate by the end of your deadline, you can submit proof that you have scheduled an appointment with your physician.

Applying for multiple pools

Some candidates may apply and be eligible for more than just one pool. In this case they will be invited for one category at first and will not be invited to apply for another category unless:

  • They decline the invitation for the first category or
  • Their application for one type of work permit is refused

Note: If you decline the first invitation or CIC refuses your first application, your profile will still remain active and may receive an invitation for another category.

For more detailed information you can visit:

International Experience Canada webpage
Eligibility Criteria page
Rounds of invitations page


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Download your FREE IEC 2016 Application Guide including screenshots of important features.