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Working Holiday in France

Working Holiday in France.  Study French and get valuable work experience in Paris

Apply Now!The Working Holiday in France is a linguistic, cultural and human experience program that is offering you a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the field of tourism and hospitality, study and perfect your French language skills.

What is Working Holiday in France?

The Working Holiday in France is offering you a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience, study and perfect your French language skills. Together with our language school partner we give you an opportunity for a paid job in hospitality/tourism industry while improving your level of French with a language course.

What is is like to take part in the Working Holiday in France?

The Working Holiday in France program is a linguistic, cultural and human experience. You will learn French in a school and in a professional environment, work in Paris and discover the workplace «à la française». Immersion begins in the classrooms and follows in a real job situation so you will interact in both spoken and oral French.

The main goal of the Working Holiday in France program is that you get an enriched and rewarding work experience in Paris. Candidates will benefit from first-hand exposure to everyday life in France, earn money while improving their French and learning about France, its culture and its people.


Searching for an apartment or place to stay in a city as big as Paris is quite time-consuming even for the Parisians. That’s why you will be provided a directory with housing options that you can choose from in order to facilitate your integration into the country during your stay.

Examples of housing offered:
Host families (no meals, B&B, half board, full board) – This is probably the best way to discover real French and French life. You’ll be improving your language skills on a daily basis, soak up the culture and all that for a reasonable price.
Resident halls in Paris – This housing option enables you to enjoy your independence but also share experiences with other students and non-students of many different nationalities in the common areas. They are the ideal solution for a budget stay.

Events & Activities

Pairs is filled with activities throughout the year. You can get lost in the Louvre for days feasting your eyes on treasures like the Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and the Egyptian mummies. The following day you can scale the Eiffel Tower, rediscover the Musée de Picasso, go on a gargoyle hunt on the Notre-Dame or have fun at the Centre Pompidou.  And if you’re without fear and a true adventurer, descend and explore the 18th century Catacombs of Paris.

Working Holiday in France Orientation Sessions

The Monday after participant’s arrival, they will be welcomed at the campus of our language school partner. The team will welcome every student/participant with a traditional French breakfast and they will provide them with a Welcome Pack with all the required information in order to ensure their peaceful stay in Paris (schedule course, practical information, student’s card, etc.)

When the participants are in their first week of the program, our partner’s team will contact them by e-mail and set up the first orientation session about the paid job, to assist them with the administrative procedures and to prepare them for the upcoming interviews. These orientation sessions are mandatory for all participants in the Working Holiday in France program. The sessions are organized according the the participant’s schedule during the first two weeks, they last about 45 min to 1 hour and they will provide the participants all the necessary information. Questions are highly encouraged.

Orientation sessions are usually on Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm.

Working Holiday in France Program provides:

Aside form the cultural and work experience, the Working Holiday in France program offers a whole set of unique perks:

  • French courses between 2 and 4 weeks
  • A paid job between 3 and 12 months
  • One job offer. Our partners can’t guarantee neither a particular location nor a specific job.
  • Full assistance and ongoing support and advice throughout the program.
  • Orientation session upon arrival providing comprehensive information about living and working in France.
  • Participant’s handbook
  • Administrative procedures to obtain the Work Permit in France
  • Paid job in the field of hospitality/tourism with addition of learning and perfecting your French
  • Earn money while gaining valuable professional and cultural experience
  • Gain valuable linguistic, cultural and human experience
  • Discover the workplace «à la française» and live “à la française” in Paris
  • Assistance in general inquiries about living in France or give advice on particular issue throughout your stay
  • Work either full-time or part-time
  • No matter the position, you will receive a minimum monthly wage of approx. 1,133 € to 1,445 €

Job Search Support

Working Holiday in France program offers their participants paid job to all the participants before the end of their French course at France Langue. The course is arranged for participants to meet employers outside of their course hours. The job will usually start once the French course is over. Usually, job interviews take place during the first weeks in Paris, when participants are at centrally located school.

The first interview can be scheduled before student’s arrival but they usually are scheduled during the first weeks in France. Participants must be reactive and they must be reachable at all times throughout the recruitment process in order to inform them about their next interview. Preparing and attending the interviews is mandatory.

Am I Guaranteed a Job?

Help and support in the job search process is guaranteed however, we cannot guarantee a particular location, a particular job nor the number of working hours. If you are not recruited after the first interview, our partners will organize you a second interview. Usually, the recruitment is confirmed after the first interview and it is of interest to the participant to be hired after the first interview. Our partner can organize maximum 3 interviews for the participant.

What are the requirements for Working Holiday in France?

If the participant is from a country holding a Working Visa Agreement with France (Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Russia, Japan, etc) and wish to participate in the Working Holiday in France program, he or she must apply for a Working Holiday Visa at the French consulate in their home country prior to coming to France. Aside from the Working Visa, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Age between 18 and 30 years old
  • Intermediate level in French (B1 minimum)
  • European or able to provide a working holiday visa
  • Able to cover financially the first two months of your stay
  • Able to provide an International insurance
  • Available for at least 3 months

Working Holiday in France Fees and Starting Dates

To register for the Working Holiday in France please contact us. After receiving your application, Latitude will review it and confirm your acceptance. A Skype interview with our language school partners will be mandatory in order to check your level of French skills, motivation and willingness. 24 to 48 hours after you will receive from our partner a letter informing you if you have been accepted or not. If not, the complete application form will be returned to you. After applying, the enrollment process usually goes like this:

  • Selection of candidates
  • Reception of the application form
  • Validation of the application form
  • Letter of acceptance and
  • Enrolment confirmation
  • French course from 2 to 4 weeks
  • Interview with the employer & recruitment
  • Assistance and support by our partner’s team

When you have completed the Working Holiday Program, you will receive a Certificate of participation.

NB: Please be informed that the documents for the application need to be submitted at least 2 months prior your arrival to France. For example, if you’re scheduled for arrival in June the deadline is 1st of April.

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