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Wilderness Volunteer in Canada

wilderness volunteer program in Canada


Experience beautiful, rural and remote Canada as a Wilderness Volunteer

If you didn’t receive the International Experience Canada Permit , Apply Now! and you would like to work in the wilderness the Wilderness Volunteer in Canada Program provides you the opportunity to work with a registered Canadian charity and gain valuable hands-on work experience similar to internships in Canada. No quota, no IEC permit, it’s easy to apply and you’ll receive a confirmed volunteer placement before your departure to Canada!

What is the Wilderness Volunteer in Canada Program?

The Wilderness Volunteer Program is an hands-on educational experience in Canada in which young adults from around the world can gain essential volunteer work experience in a wildlife preservation or environmental conservation with a registered charitable organization, NGOs, parks and First Nations organizations in Canada.

The Wilderness Volunteer in Canada Program will have you living a rural or remote area experiencing the incredible nature of Canada. You will be working hands-on with plants and wildlife while you gain valuable career experience as a volunteer with a registered charitable organization. 

Why take the Wilderness Volunteer in Canada Program?

  • Guaranteed wilderness volunteer placement before your departure to Canada.
  • Work on wildlife or conservation programs.
  • Make a difference and contribute to the health and preservation of nature
  • Meet other volunteers from around the world
  • Easy work permit / visa process, applied for at the airport upon arrival to Canada

What is like to take part in a Wilderness Volunteer in Canada Program?

The Wilderness Volunteer Program will provide you with guaranteed placement with a registered wilderness charity working on projects that focus on wildlife preservation or environmental conservation. This program provides structured, full-time and hands-on meaningful work, where you will contribute to the environment while also building your skills set and improving your English or French skills.

The Wilderness Volunteer in Canada Program can also help you meet your university internship requirements in the areas of natural science, biology, geology, forestry, animal science and more. You will receive an confirmed placement before your departure to Canada. Unlike other internship programs that require International Experience Canada Permits, the Wilderness Volunteer Program only requires a C50 work permit which is easily obtained upon your arrival to Canada (at the airport). This is an excellent alternative to Working Holiday or Internship Coop permits.

What are the requirements for the Wilderness Volunteer Program?

This program is ideal for candidates who:

  • Are 18 and above (there is no upper age limit)
  • Are motivated and passionate
  • In good physical and mental health
  • Able to lift at least 15 kg
  • Can manoeuvre over rough terrain, where there are sometimes no roads or walkways
  • Does not have a medical condition that requires frequent care (as placements are far from cities or emergency treatment)
  • Willing to live in a remote location without regular access to facilities such as internet or shops
  • Possess high intermediate level of English or French
  • Are willing to commit to minimum 20 hours per week
  • Are able to financially support themselves for the duration of the placement

The C50 Permit is available now, with no uncertainty or waiting periods, or long application process. The C50 Charitable Worker Permit is available at the airport upon your arrival to Canada. We will provide you with the necessary documents to support your request for the C50 Work Permit.

What are my placement options in the Wilderness Volunteer Program?

When applying for the Wilderness Volunteer Program, candidates can choose between two placement options:

Environmental Conservation: placements at organizations involved in repairing rivers and streams, cataloguing invasive and native plant species, clearing wilderness areas, and restoring trails, for example. This is physical work, typically done with wilderness organizations, environmental research organizations, public or private parks or wilderness areas adjacent to recreation areas. Participants stay in cabins, or sometimes tents and participate in strenuous work as part of a team of volunteers.

Wildlife Protection: placements with animal recovery centres in or near small towns. Participants work hands-on with animals, help with animal feeding, cleaning cages, collecting related data, documenting animal behaviours, maintaining information / visitor centres, and help promote the organization to the wider community. Participants get up close with animals such as owls, eagles, wolves, and bears.

Placements are done in rural and wilderness areas in 3 regions – each of roughly equal population:

Where can I be a Wilderness Volunteer?

Western Canada (English Speaking)

This region includes the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. This region includes the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Ocean, Great Plains, and sub-arctic. This region hosts the greatest diversity of placements, and generally the most remote, and isolated from urban centres. Placements are available year-round in this region, due to the moderate climate in the western most portions of it.

Destination Airports: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg.

Central Canada (English Speaking)

This region is contained within Canada’s most densely-populated province – Ontario. Placements are concentrated in the region stretching from Ottawa to Windsor. Many placements are near small towns and cities, and work on restoring green areas, or helping animals at the outskirts of settlement. Placements in this region are closer to major centres – and this is the ideal setting for WVP participants who want to combine their placements with travel and sightseeing.

Destination Airport: Toronto Pearson International Airport.

French Canada (French Speaking)

This region is primarily contained with the province of Quebec, but also includes French-speaking areas of New Brunswick and Ontario, that are on Quebec’s borders. This is a hilly, green area, similar to Ontario in that placements are often closer to urban centres. This region is distinct in being French-speaking, with a different culture, and way of life than in the rest of Canada.

Destination Airport: Montreal Trudeau International Airport. WVP participants can purchase this ticket at time of registration, as placement in the region is guaranteed.

Travel times from major cities average 6 hours by car or bus. Because these placements are remote, participants will not be able to combine their WVP work with simultaneous studies.


WVP participants receive accommodation as part of their placements. Accommodation can be in cabins, hostel-style dormitories or even tents for placements at more remote sites, homestay accommodation maybe available for placements near urban centres, Past WVP participants have stayed in:

  • Shared cabins
  • Tents
  • Tipis
  • Yurts
  • Trailers/Caravans
  • Homestays

All non-tent accommodation is furnished, heated, and comes with self catering and washroom facilities. For tent accommodation at more rustic sites, tents and bedding are provided, as is access to cooking and washroom facilities.

Fees for accommodation are included in the price of the program.

Important note: meals are not included in WVP placements. All accommodation is self-catering, however hosts ensure that participants have regular weekly access to shops in nearby communities in order to purchase food. In some placements meals may be included and participants will be informed prior to arrival.

Each type of placement may also include ‘Communal Living Duties’ for Wilderness Volunteer Program participants who are living at the work site. These can include: cooking, cleaning bathrooms, kitchen duties and laundry.

Want to volunteer in the city instead?

If you would like to complete a practical volunteer internship in the areas of: Marketing, Accounting, Events planning, etc in the city of Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa or Calgary, read about our Charity Internship in Canada Program here.

How can I apply for the Volunteer in Canada Program?

Apply for this program at any time, year-round and your placement will be confirmed within 4 weeks. If you wish to receive information regarding the Wilderness Volunteer in Canada Program fees, please Contact us.

This fee includes a confirmed volunteer placement before departure, documentation required for work permit application, local one-way transportation to the volunteer site from the city of arrival, support and reporting throughout the duration of the program as well as a letter of reference upon successful completion of the program.

Aside from the aforementioned services, Latitude International provides additional services including arrival packages, airport reception, medical insurance and more. We are here to help you and advise you so please do not hesitate to ask us your questions!


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