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Can I take an Internship in Canada without an International Experience Canada (IEC) Permit?

If you didn’t receive the International Experience Canada Permit, Apply Now!the Charity Internship Program provides you the perfect opportunity to complete a practical internship with a registered Canadian charity and gain valuable work experience in Canada. It’s easy to apply and you’ll receive a confirmed volunteer placement before your departure to Canada. You will apply for and receive the necessary work permit at the airport upon arrival.

What is the Charity Internship in Canada Program?

Charity Internship in Canada Program is a social and educational experience in Canada in which young adults can gain essential unpaid volunteer work experience in a wide variety of fields with a registered charitable organization in Canada.

Similar to an internship in Canada, the Charity Internship Program allows you to gain valuable career experience in Canada as a volunteer with a registered charitable organization. 

Why take the Charity Internship in Canada Program?

  • Gain valuable work experience in Canada
  • Work with others passionate about the same issues
  • Meet Canadians and other international volunteers
  • Make a difference in someone’s life through volunteering in Canada
  • Meet your university internship requirements.
  • Receive a guaranteed volunteer internship placement in 4 weeks and before your departure to Canada.
  • An excellent alternative to the International Internship Coop permits offered through IEC.
  • Request your work permit at the airport upon entry to Canada – no processing time!
  • Charity Internship is best for motivated and passionate participants who are required to complete international experience as a part of university education

What is it like to take part in the Charity Internship in Canada Program?

Charity Internship in Canada Program will provide you with guaranteed placement with a registered charity working on charitable projects that touch on the topic of your choice, from: multicultural organizations, to education, environmental causes, charity public relations & marketing, social services and more. Charity organizations generally support causes such as community & social service, wildlife preservation and environmental organizations. The program provides structured, full-time volunteer work, where you will contribute to the community while also building your skills set and improving your English or French skills.

Working with a charitable organization requires passion, professionalism and adaptability. This volunteer program is designed to give valuable experience to people with an intermediate level of English or French who are eager to learn and experience life in Canada while making a difference as a volunteer. Volunteer placements combine hands-on tasks with administrative and operational work at registered charitable organizations across Canada.

Upon request, this program can meet academic requirements for students in a variety of fields such as international relations, marketing, events planning, public relations, IT, environmental science, biology, animal welfare, social services, political science, administration and more. Be sure to send us your university internship requirements and you will receive an internship placement before your departure to Canada.

Unlike other student internship programs that require IEC International Internship Co-op Permits, the Charity Internship Program only requires a volunteer work permit which is easily obtained at the airport upon your arrival to Canada. This is an excellent alternative if you didn’t get the IEC Permit and all that without any uncertainty and long processing time!

What are the requirements to take a Charity Internship in Canada?

This program is ideal for candidates who:

  • Are 18 and above (there is no upper age limit)
  • Are motivated and passionate
  • Possess high intermediate level of English or French
  • Are willing to commit to minimum 20 hours per week,
  • Are able to financially support yourself for the duration of the placement

The C50 Permit is available now, with no uncertainty or waiting periods, or long application process. The C50 Charitable Worker Permit is available at the airport upon your arrival to Canada. We will provide you with the necessary documents to support your request for the C50 Work Permit.

What are my placement options in the Charity Internship Program?

When applying for the Charity Internship in Canada Program, candidates can choose between the following placement options:

  • Charity Marketing & Public Relations
  • Health & Wellness
  • Community Centres & Museums
  • Educational Support
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Fundraising and Charity Finances
  • Seniors Services
  • Multicultural Organizations
  • International Causes
  • Indigenous Organizations
  • Social Services
  • Special Events
  • Urban Animal Care
  • Urban Environment & Parks
  • Youth Services

Want to know more? Download our charity internship field descriptions for more detail on the above placements.

How can I apply for a Charity Internship in Canada?

Apply for this program at any time, year-round and your placement will be confirmed within 4 weeks. If you wish to receive information regarding the Charity Internship in Canada Program fees, please Contact us.

Fees include customized internship planning, CV revision, internship placement, support and reporting throughout the duration of the program as well as a letter of reference.

Aside from the aforementioned services, Latitude International provides additional services including accommodation placement, airport reception, medical insurance and more. We are here to help you and advise you so please do not hesitate to ask us your questions!

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