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is rated as a favourite travel destination by many and ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world!  Its mountains, beaches and parks provide a natural setting, perfect for outdoor life and recreation. This friendly, charming west-coast city offers culture, history, adventure, recreation, shopping and entertainment – all in a vibrant, diverse metropolis. Our English school has a great location in the city centre, and our friendly and professional staff are there to make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Toronto is Canada’s largest and most multicultural city. Students love this city because it has everything: culture, sports and nightlife as well as great food and a relaxed friendly, atmosphere. Our midtown school is a great location and has large classrooms and modern facilities. You will feel at home thanks to our professional and helpful staff; they will also make sure you have an experience you will never forget.

Montreal boasts cultural events, entertainment, fabulous shopping and a vibrant nightlife. The world’s largest bilingual city, Montreal offers a friendly, warm and lively downtown where people meet day and evening. An excellent transport system is linked to a bustling underground city. Just an hour away, the Laurentian Mountains offer opportunities for sporting activities, winter and summer. Our modern school is located in the Faubourg shopping mall in the city centre.

You will find EC schools only in English-speaking countries so you can practice your English at all times! To prove we offer high-quality courses, all of our schools have accreditation with the top accreditation organisations. Our English courses have small class sizes and are taught by friendly and experienced teachers. Whatever your reasons for taking a course, you will improve your English with EC!

EC English Language Centres provides modern facilities, experienced teachers and quality curriculum in some of the world’s best cities.  97% of students would recommend EC to a friend. EC is committed to providing the best in English language education to students from all over the world.


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Accommodation in Canada


Staying with a real English-speaking family is a great way to use your English naturally and a great way to learn about the local culture. As a family member you live as the family lives and eat what they eat. Many students love being part of the family and enjoy the extra feeling of security. All our host families are properly checked for their suitability.


Want to meet lots of new people and practise your English as much as possible? Student Residences are the best student experience! They are usually busy places with lots of things happening; you will always have someone to talk to. A Residence is a building where many students stay. Residences are a good choice if you are looking for a fun and friendly atmosphere. Residences are conveniently located for transport to school or within walking distance.

Many students follow this program with a professional internship in Canada to put their knowledge to practical use in the workplace.  Taking an internship in Canada will provide valuable career experience, industry specific vocabulary and a network of professionals for future reference.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada welcomes thousands and thousands of international students to its colleges and universities, its workplaces and its homes every year.  International students love studying in Canada for its high standard of education, excellent employment options for students, multi-cultural society and beautiful and varied nature.  Canada’s largest cities — Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal — have been recognized as world class cities in which to live and work, for their cleanliness and safety and for their cultural activities and attractive lifestyles.

Study and Work Programs in Canada

Study and work programs in Canada for international students provide real-life experience and an opportunity to explore Canada while building a career and gaining valuable travel and person experience in Vancouver and Toronto based companies.  Some of these internship programs are combined with classroom training in General English, Business English, Global Marketing or Hospitality & Tourism; these programs are designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn faster through practical training in local businesses. International internship jobs are available in  IT, finance, business administration, graphic design, engineering or in the tourism and service sector with positions at hotels, restaurants, ski hills etc.

For more details about taking an internship in Canada please visit this page.

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Latitude International Education offers expertise and advising for students who want to study, take an internship or au pair abroad. Latitude International recommends only hand-picked, high-quality schools and programs in Canada and Europe.

Latitude International Education is a Canadian-based student services and recruitment agency that specializes in study abroad, international internships and au pair placements for international students and young workers. We offer 13 years of experience in organizing international programs for individuals and groups. Latitude International works in partnership with universities, colleges, ESL schools and international agencies.

Studying abroad is a very exciting and a realistic opportunity for young adults. Canadian credentials are recognised world-wide. Having a second or third language is also very valuable in a global economy.

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