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Internship in Canada – Work permit guide

work permit guide internship in canada

Which permit should you apply for when taking an Internship in Canada? According to some research there are about 300,000 active interns across Canada. Some of them are Canadians and some international students. An internship in Canada is a great way to develop skillsets and to boost

Know Your Opportunities – Advantages of a Working Holiday

Working Holiday

Are you younger than 35? Maybe you just finished school and you are wondering what to do before getting a real job or continuing your studies. Well, you can stop worrying now about your next move should because I may have the perfect solution for you – a

Canadian Tax Refund for Working Holidaymakers

Working in another country can be very exciting. Everything is new. The people, the culture, climate and so on. Canada, with its stunning wildlife, landscape, good quality of life and job opportunities is not exception. And let’s not forget the amazing maple syrup. Most people are so

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