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30 Ways to Say “Turtle” & Other Things You Might Learn While Studying in Bologna

The city of Bologna has taught me many things. Perhaps the most unexpected of these is the ability to say ‘turtle’ in over 30 languages! For each variation of ‘turtle’ I can remember who taught me, where I was, and what I was doing. I fondly recall

Language is a Bridge

A Brief History of Italian Language & Gestures As a follow-up to the previous lesson explaining the various Italian hand gestures, Mr Bernardoni gives a lesson on the history of Italian language and it’s development. Mr Andrea Bernardoni is a lawyer, author and professor of Italian language

See, Taste, Do!

Instagram Highlights from the Emilia Romagna Region of Italy I’ve enjoyed two captivating weeks in the fascinating, beautiful and varied region of Emilia Romagna courtesy of Tourism Emilia Romanga.  Each week, one spent in Bologna and the other in Rimini, offered endless sightseeing, learning opportunities and delicious

How to Speak Italian Without Saying a Word

Body language is an important part of communication; experts say non-verbal communication accounts for anywhere up to 93% of language.  While that number is high and often disputed, there is no doubt that people use their bodies to express themselves. When in Italy, it’s easy to see

Carpigiani Gelato University: The Art of Making Gelato

Italy’s best gelato is known worldwide and carefully crafted by experienced gelato chefs, educated only by the top instructors in the gelato industry!  Carpigiani Gelato University, located in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, churns out award winning gelato-makers from Canada to Israel and a few places

All About ALCE Italian Language School in Bologna

Consider studying Italian at a language school in Bologna! I’ve learned over the years that school accreditation is very important in the private education sector and certainly one of the top 5 things to consider when choosing a study abroad program.  Accreditation provides a guarantee of quality

The People That You Meet…at Campus X!

When you’re living in a foreign country, the hospitality that you receive can make or break your stay abroad.  I’ve had an incredibly warm welcome at Campus X in Bari, my home in the south of Italy for the last 2 months.  Like the people I see

A Sweet Education Abroad

I’m fascinated by all things international education, an industry I have worked in for nearly 13 years.  The movement of students around this globe is an incredible phenomenon – you will find Chinese students in Italy, Italian students in Spain, Spanish students in Canada, Canadian students in

Focus on Culture and Academics at L’Università per Stranieri di Perugia

The University for Foreigners in Perugia is one of the oldest international universities in Europe; a place where many Europeans, Chinese and Americans choose to study one of the most beautiful and romantic languages that exists – Italiano! Recently while in Umbria, I had a chance to

Saint Nicholas and the Party at the Sea (San Nicola e Festa a Mare)

For an outsider looking in, it may seem like a regular street festival; could be a parade, a rodeo or national day of celebration like we often see in the western world. However, look a little closer and you will see, in Bari, Italy from May 7

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