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La Giara Scuola di Italiano

Tucked away in a quaint Italian seaside city is a hidden language gem! Scuola di Italiano, La Giara, is a boutique Italian language school nestled in Mola di Bari in the beautiful southern Italian region of Puglia.  Providing personalised service and programing to international students and small

Electrical Engineering Internship in Canada

Carlos is a Brazilian student in Canada who recently completed a 6 month study plus 6 month internship program in Vancouver. He worked with one of North America’s Top 10 EMS providers. It was very important to him to improve his technical vocabulary and gain valuable career

Anna Tells All: Hot Media Internship in Vancouver

Anna, from Russia, talks about her editorial / media internship at a Vancouver entertainment magazine. Here’s what she had to say, “I improved my communication and not only my soft skills but also my technical skills.” “Vancouver lifestyle is awesome, it’s like no other lifestyle in the

Oh no! I’ve reached a language learning plateau!

Recently one of my clients confessed that she didn’t feel she was progressing as quickly learning French as she had hoped and expected.  This is a common problem for language learners all over the world and there are several tips to help go beyond this language learning

Tessa Talks Au Pairing in Paris

Tessa is a young Canadian who has been au pairing in Paris since September. She lives in her own apartment & cares for 3 lovely children ages 8, 4 and 10 months.  Tessa also studies French part-time at a private school. Today she shares some of her

Work in Europe Programs for Canadians

I hate to say it but it seems that many young Canadians are a lot of talk and not so much action when it comes to working and studying abroad. With less than 3% of Canadian university graduates having participated in a study abroad program (versus 18%

Work in Canada Programs for Europeans

2012 International Experience Canada Quotas For Europeans It’s the time of year that the Canadian government announces the quotas for working holiday and international internship program visas. This year, young adults from all over the world, particularly Europeans, plan to take a gap year abroad in Canada

Accommodation in Italy is a Whole New Thing!

CampusX Bari – Terra di Puglia is a trendsetting residential community that encourages a balanced life including recreation, academics and community amongst both Italian and international visitors.  Short and long-term stays are available. You will also find CampusX accommodation in Rome and Chieti. In September I had

My 10 Favourite Street Art Shots

I love street art and thought I would share a few of my favourite pieces discovered at home and in my travels.  In no particular order, here they are! Enjoy! Sao Paulo, Brazil Sao Paulo, Brazil Vancouver, Canada Istanbul, Turkey Taichung, Taiwan Taichung, Taiwan Sao Paulo,

May All Your Dreams Come True!

Whether you plan to take an international internship, study in Canada, France, Italy or China, Latitude International Education is here to help all your study and work dreams come true. Best wishes for 2012!

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