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Wilderness Volunteer in Canada for Dutch students with Activity International

Australia, Asia, South America: probably already countries that are on your bucket list. But what do you think of Canada? The country you might know less about, but is definitely worth a visit! I will explain why you might want to consider becoming a Wilderness Volunteer in

Internship in Canada – Work permit guide

work permit guide internship in canada

Which permit should you apply for when taking an Internship in Canada? According to some research there are about 300,000 active interns across Canada. Some of them are Canadians and some international students. An internship in Canada is a great way to develop skillsets and to boost

Montreal City Guide

Montreal City Guide

Interns and volunteers coming to Vancouver and Toronto now have their guides on how to get around their Canadian city of choice. Of course we haven’t forgotten those that are coming to Montreal, the second most populous city in Canada. So read on for useful information on public

Toronto City Guide

In one of our previous posts we’ve provided tips on how to prepare for your stay in Vancouver. And since Toronto is also a popular city for tourists and international students, we created this short Toronto city guide to get you started in this bustling city. So

Vancouver City Guide

You’re ready for your internship or volunteer program in Vancouver. Well, almost completely ready. You have a confirmed placement, got your work permit sorted out and you’ve booked your flights. Okay, there might be a few things that you need to take care of, like packing, but

Internship in France – Top 5 Reasons to do it

internship in france top 5 reasons to do it

A lot of university and college students have a specific requirement in order to graduate – complete an internship either in their home country or abroad. Taking an internship in France or any other country is a great way to ‘take a dip’ in the business world

Canadian Holidays 2017

canadian holidays 2017

Over here we celebrate some uniquely Canadian holidays. Do you know which ones they are and why we celebrate them? Read on … Public (statutory) holidays in Canada or stat holidays  consist of a variety of cultural, national and religious holidays in Canada. Some of them are widely celebrated

Why should I volunteer abroad?


Do you want to feel useful? Like you are making a difference in the world?  Do you want to travel, explore and feel like you are active and making a contribution to society? Maybe you should consider doing something that will allow you to travel and develop your

Know Your Opportunities – Advantages of a Working Holiday

Working Holiday

Are you younger than 35? Maybe you just finished school and you are wondering what to do before getting a real job or continuing your studies. Well, you can stop worrying now about your next move should because I may have the perfect solution for you – a

Canadian Tax Refund for Working Holidaymakers

Working in another country can be very exciting. Everything is new. The people, the culture, climate and so on. Canada, with its stunning wildlife, landscape, good quality of life and job opportunities is not exception. And let’s not forget the amazing maple syrup. Most people are so

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